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Polocrosse Extreme launch Commentator of the Year awards

At Polocrosse Extreme we fully believe that polocrosse works best with commentary. It's always exciting to watch but add commentary and it becomes mind blowingly awesome! Sadly in the United Kingdom lately we seem to have suffered from a lack of commentators. Gone are the days that characters like Richard "Chappers" Chapple entertained the crowds for hours on end. Now we are reliable on a small handful of commentators and the occasional visiting Australia. This situation saddens us and so we decided to do something about it to try and get more people commentating!..Read more

Cotswold, Lions and Dragons do best at Arden

Arden tournament took place on the 5th and 6th of July and saw significant success for Cotswold, the Northern Lions and the Welsh Dragons. Cotswold won the A grade, ultimately making reasonably easy work of Kent Target in the final and also claimed the Lower C grade and combined with Celyn to win the Open Juniors.. Read More


Kent win big at Early Season Tournament

Kent Target took an early step towards retaining their league crowns with a 4 and a half grade wins at the UKPA's Early Season Tournament. They claimed the A, B and C grades and then they combined with Rugby to win the Open Juniors and won the Intermediate Juniors by themselves. Rugby and Cotswold also had good weekends, Rugby took the D grade and second in the C grade plate as well as the Open Juniors win, while Cotswold were involved in four second places, either by themselves or combined with other clubs...Read more

Cotswold hold successful one day tournament

Cotswold held a successful one day tournament on the 15th of June, as the UKPA and its member clubs continue to try new things to expand their sport and engage with players who might not be able to spend a whole weekend playing polocrosse (editor's note: poor, poor people! What else do they do at weekends?). Sadly we couldn't be there to watch but we do have the full results so click here to see them.

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