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France gain full IPC membership as other European nations question IPC fee increase

France have gained the right to full membership of the International Polocrosse Council (IPC) but their fellow European associate members have suggested that they may consider not remaining as associate members due to the increase in affiliation fees. France were apparently told of the decision in late 2013 after it was discussed at the IPC meeting in July 2013. France have not confirmed yet whether they will accept the full membership but it seems likely that they will...Read more

USA appoint new World Cup Coach

The USA Polocrosse Association have appointed Trish Jones as their open squad coach in the run up to the 2015 Polocrosse World Cup. Trish Jones hails from Western Australia, where she has played in the Ladies' open state representative side for the last 13 Nationals, which spans an impressive 26 years. This is the same state side as the USA's previous coach Jane Cooper. Also like Jane, Trish has represented Australia itself, she played twice for Australia against New Zealand in 1995 and 1996.

PASA President Wessel Strauss resigns

Wessel Strauss has resigned as president of the Polocrosse Association of South Africa (PASA) in order to take up the role of Secretary General of the Equestrian Association of South Africa. He is replaced by Andre Truter as president but according to the statement released by PASA, Wessel is continuing to be involved with the PASA executive and in making the arrangements for the 2015 World Cup which is to be held in Mooi River in South Africa. He also continues to hold the post of President of the International Polocrosse Council. To read the full details of his resignation from PASA visit the IPC website

Associate IPC members offered €24,000 package for 2015 International Challenge

The associate member countries of the International Polocrosse Council (IPC), being France, Holland, Norway, Germany and Canada, have been offered a €24,000 package of horse hire and training for an International Challenge in 2015. The International Challenge would be played alongside the 2015 World Cup, which the full members of the IPC will compete in, and which South Africa, who are hosting the World Cup, recently confirmed would be held at Mooi River in July 2015...Read more

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